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EasyJet to offset carbon emissions from all its flights


EasyJet is set to become the world’s first major airline to operate net zero carbon flights across its entire network, after announcing it would offset all emissions.
The British budget airline said it would start offsetting all flights from Tuesday, which it said would cost about £25m in the next financial year through schemes to plant trees or avoid the release of additional carbon dioxide.
Johan Lundgren, the airline’s chief executive, said longer term solutions were also needed. “We recognise that offsetting is only an interim measure, but we want to take action on our carbon emissions now,” he said. “Aviation will have to reinvent itself as quickly as it can.”
EasyJet’s move surpasses the recent pledges of rival airlines, including British Airways, whose parent company, IAG, promised last month to be carbon neutral by 2050 and to start offsetting all domestic flights next year.
The German airline group Lufthansa has launched a business fare where all flights are automatically offset.



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