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Edison Integrated Ltd

Green Energy (Solar Water Heaters, Solar Lighting, Photovoltaic), Air to Water Heat Pumps, Water Pumps, Gas & Electric Water Heaters, Oil & Gas, Steam Generator for Spa, Swimming Pool Equipment, Cooking Appliances.

Avenue Norbert Barbe Mont Ory Moka

t: view phone(230) 434 1010



Improchem (Mauritius) Ltd

Waste Water Treatment, Cooling Water Treatment, Boiler Water Treatment, Softening, Demineralisation, Reserve Osmosis, Alldos Dosing Equipment, Fuel Additives, Dust & Odour Control Technologies

Old Moka Road Bell Village

t: view phone(230) 212 6888

f: view fax(230) 212 4278



M. A Khoodoruth Marketing Co. Ltd

Hardware Shop, Plumbing Fittings, Water Pumps, Electrical Fittings, Lighting, Household Items, Hand & Power Tools, Paint & Accessories (Colour Match), Garden Accessories

Ambrose Street Rose Hill

t: view phone(230) 464 6910



One Stop Hardware Shop Ltd

Power Tools, Hand Tools, Electrical Fittings, Safety Equipment, Paints, Electrical Appliances, Sanitary Wares, Water Tanks, Water Pumps, Water Heater, Construction Materials, Iron Bars, Cement, Timber, Stainless Steel Tube & Fittings, Curtain Rods.

Royal Road Eau Coulée

t: view phone(230) 698 8244


Polyco Shop

Solar Water Heater, Water Tanks, Photovoltaic Panels

Royal Road Vale

t: view phone(230) 268 1814

QBM Hardware Ltd

Sale of Cement, Iron Bars, Paints, Electrical & Plumbing Fittings, Sanitary Wares, Water Tanks, Galvanised Pipes & Fittings, Gutters, Girpi, Plywood, Plank, Water Pumps

Royal Road Phoenix

t: view phone(230) 686 6198

f: view fax(230) 686 6198


Quincaillerie Jugdish

Construction Materials, Timber, Iron Bars, Paint, Cement, Plumbing Fittings, Electrical Fittings, Hand Tools & Water Tanks.

Royal Road Chemin Grenier

t: view phone(230) 622 5632


Quincaillerie MDL

Taps, UPVC Pipes, Plumbing Fittings, Water Tanks, Water Pumps, Electrical Fittings & Tools

Albatross Street Beau Bassin

t: view phone(230) 5807 4010

Quincaillerie Suffi Ltd

Hardware Shop, Building Materials, Plumbing Fittings, Electrical Fittings, Paint, Water Tank

Sir Virgil Naz Avenue Quatre Bornes

t: view phone(230) 467 1166


Samech Co Ltd

Language lab solutions,Educational Equipment, Food Machinery, Water Pumps

Ligne Berthaud Rose Hill

t: view phone(230) 454 1809

f: view fax(230) 465 4805


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